Holiday Inspiration: Dreaming of White

I’m loving the White Holiday theme — whites and silvers with some natural greens and browns and hints of red and gold.

How early is too early for holiday decorating? The roommate and boyfriend are giving the green light for December 1st. I think today November 23rd – 25th is my best compromise. A part of me feels like we should actually have more of our year-round décor set up before we start getting into the holiday specifics. But whatever. I’m trying to wait out the next few weeks before decorating, for appearances sake (but I’m secretly one of those ridiculous people who is ready for the twinkling lights and garlands and constant aroma of cinnamon and pine trees and cookies the second Halloween is over). In the meantime, I guess I’ll stick with my hunt for simple and inexpensive décor, and easy craft projects. Budget-friendly decorating is going to be key until… who am I kidding, this student loan debt is never going to take a while to going away.

Inspired by: Canadian House & Home


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